Cyber Fraud Awareness Talk conducted for WUBS’ clients

Western Union Business Solutions (WUBS) in conjunction with PETNET, gathered its valued clients on May 24, 2017 at the Asian Institute of Management for an in-depth awareness training on Cyber Fraud. The team partnered with Bottomline Technologies and Maroev Cyber Systems Inc., to discuss the different kinds of cyber fraud, what to do when it happens and what to do to prevent it from happening.

The talk was attended by business owners, IT Heads and decision makers from the various clientele of WUBS.

“You need to be suspicious in dealing with online sites. One click can cost you millions of pesos or even dollars,” says Erez Lugassi the first guest speaker. Erez Lugassi has been in the Cyber Security industry for over 10 years where he was exposed to different cyber fraud cases. He is currently the Security Architect and Vice President for Business Development of Maroev Cyber Systems, Inc., a cyber defense consulting firm that provides solutions to protect the operations and information of companies.

Guest speaker Erez Lugassi talks about the key players in cyber crimes.

Anat Doron, the second guest speaker, is the Vice President for Business Development for Europe, the Middle East and Africa & Asia Pacific of Bottomline Cyber Fraud & Risk Management. She has more than 20 years of experience in the software industry, with a strong background of Cyber Security and Fraud consultancy skills. She was also  responsible for initiatives around the world for Anti-Money-Laundering and Privacy acts , Payment Fraud, SWIFT protection and Insider threats.

Guest speaker Anat Doron talks about the importance of a concrete risk management plan.

“We hear people saying, it’s too expensive to buy this software and that software. But you need to always think of the ROI. Imagine how much you will lose if you did not invest in a P100,000 or P200,00 infrastructure for example and then you lose millions of pesos because of fraud. It is important to have a risk management in place.”

Lugassi added, “You need to decide on your own that you want to mitigate the risks. Training your people is one thing. You don’t need to go far. Just take the best practices that are already in place.”


Cyber Security Experts Anat Doron and Erez Lugassi answer questions from the crowd.

PETNET President Lorenzo T. Ocampo encouraged the attendees to always be informed of different threats to businesses. “I look forward to your support as we join hand in hand in making businesses safe, secure, worry free and profitable,” says Ocampo.


PETNET President Lorenzo T. Ocampo talks about working hand in hand to combat fraud.

Attendees were given a certificate of attendance and premium items from Maroev Cyber Systems, Inc. The event was organized by WUBS, PETNET’s Risk Management Department and Marketing.